Handmade Crochet Christmas Decorations

Hello again!

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year! The bringing together of family, all the amazing food, playing board games and decorating your house. I just love the festive time! As you know I also love crochet so I have been busy making crochet christmas decorations for the tree! My friends said how much they liked them and so I decided to open up an etsy shop and see if I could sell any of them. I’m already taking orders from friends and friends of friends.

If you would like to visit my shop, here is the link:


I have really enjoyed making these decorations. I started by doing some research mainly on pinterest and gathering together some patterns and then I went on to making up some of my own patterns.



I love these snowmen and their cute rosy cheeks! I made the patterns for the bobble hats up myself but the actual snowman and top hat came from this blog post I found through pinterest – http://amigurumibb.com/2013/10/18/ready-for-christmas-fever/ They were super fun to make!



The Snowflakes were all made from patterns that I found on the internet. I did find an amazing blog full of crochet snowflake patterns. There are loads and they are all quite easy to follow and make up into some beautiful snowflakes! Heres the link – http://www.snowcatcher.net

Here are the links for the patterns of the snowflakes in the top photo.




http://www.bhg.com/christmas/cards/crochet-a-snowflake-gift-topper/  – There are three pattens on this link and I made them all. On the link there is only a photo of one of them so I will tell you what the other two look like. On the top photo above the small one at the bottom left is the ‘Star Snowflake’ Then next to that one on the right and slightly up is the ‘Open Chain Loop Snowflake’ and finally next to that one on the bottom right is the ‘Chain Loop Snowflake’ This is my favourite snowflakes so far.

And finally on the bottom picture they are all made from this pattern http://socialcafemag.com/free-crochet-patterns-for-ornaments/ 

The snowflakes can be a bit fiddling to make and can take a while depending on what pattern you are doing, but I think they are deffinatly worth it! After I made a snowflake I washed them and then starched them and then I blocked them. Blocking is really important to do to give the snowflakes their shape. This is a really good link to learn how best to block your snowflake. http://crochet.tangleweeds.com/blocking.html


IMG_4075 copy

This little robin has been adapted from the bluebird pattern in ‘Super-super cute crochet’ by Brigitte Read, page 81. This is my favourite pattern from that book and I am continuously making birds in all sorts of colours from this pattern. I think it’s their round bodies that make them so cute (I will have to do another post to show you the other birds I have made).  I think making it into a robin red breast and adding a hanging loop really makes it works as a Christmas decoration.



christmas baubles

I brought some polystyrene balls and got thinking of ways to use them when I was inspired by this pin on pinterest –http://uk.pinterest.com/pin/190347521726359070/ and decided to try to make up my own patterns. As it was a ball/sphere shape that I was after I knew I had to start from a circle. From all the crochet I have grasped so far it seemed that to make a circle you work it in a spiral in dc(uk) or sc(us) and increase each layer by 6 each time. For these patterns I worked a top half and bottom half then sewed them together down the middle around the polystyrene ball. I used various double crochet and treble crochet stitches and chain stitches to create different patterns, but sticking to the principle of increasing by 6 each row. I love the colours in these decoration, they aren’t your traditional christmas colours but they are bright and really eye catching. I think they look great as a set as well.



These are simple but effective! I crocheted around a polystyrene ball, couched the name using gold crochet thread and gold thread and then finished it all with a bow! I think this is a lovely way to personalise your tree this christmas.



And finally the christmas pudding! I actually made this pattern up myself, and I am really pleased with how it turned out.

I have really loved making these christmas decorations and am still making more. Currently I am working on a penguin! And my best friend Emily has asked me to make a comedy turkey!!

I hope you love these decorations as much as I have loved making them!

Bye for now xxxx

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11 thoughts on “Handmade Crochet Christmas Decorations

  1. They’re all adorable, and I can’t decide which I like best!


  2. Beautiful ornaments! Thank you very much for trying the snowmen 🙂


  3. I really like this one, so lovely and looks fun to do. Well done!!
    Thanks for sharing anyway. 🙂


  4. Do you make these decorations to buy?


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